D4 Premium

$1,499.00 +HST

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The D4 Premium is the last innovation from VIQUA, combining the reliable D4 model with the new LCD Interactive Screen.

  • Highly featured whole-home UV disinfection system with graphical interface designed for recommended flow rates up to 12 gpm (45 lpm)
  • Overall foot print is extremely compact due to advanced lamp/chamber technology

This new controller features a large LCD backlit display for easy reading, simultaneously displaying lamp life remaining, UV Intensity Status, support contact information, and a lamp replacement reminder that indicates when the lamp needs to be replaced, ensuring continued water safety.

NEW! D4 Premium with LCD Screen
Part Number: 660089-R/ 660090-R
Ideal For: Bacteria
Flow Rate: 4gpm – 6gpm, 7gpm – 10gpm


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