Carrier Comfort 92 Series – 40,000 BTU

$49.29 +HST

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  • The 59SC2 Multipoise Comfort Series Condensing Gas Furnace features energy efficiency of 92.1% AFUE gas efficiency and workhorse PSC blower motor. This gas furnace also features 4-way multipoise installation flexibility, and is available in eight model sizes. The 59SC2 can be vented for direct vent/two-pipe, ventilated combustion air, or single-pipe applications. All units meet California Air Quality Management District emission requirements, are design certified in Canada, and are certified for mobile/manufactured home use.


    • 4-Way multipoise design for upflow, downflow or horizontal installation.
    • Installation flexibility with a 360-degree rotating elbow.
    • More than twelve different venting options, including optional through-the cabinet downflow and horizontal venting.
    • Ideal condensing furnace height 35” cabinet: short enough for taller coils, but still allows enough room for service.
    • Silicon Nitride Power Heat™ Hot Surface Igniter.
    • Aluminized-steel primary heat exchanger.
    • Stainless steel condensing secondary heat exchanger.
    • High-quality corrosion-resistant prepainted steel cabinet with hemmed edges for safety.
    • Factory-configured ready for upflow applications.
    • Direct-vent/sealed combustion, single-pipe venting or ventilated combustion air.
    • PSC blower motor, single-speed inducer motor, and single-stage gas valve.
    • Self-diagnostics with SuperBrite LED.
    • Approved for Twinning applications (60-12 through 120-20 sizes, only)
    • Approved for Manufactured Housing/Mobile Home applications with MH accessory kit.
    • Convenient Air Purifier and Humidifier connections.
    • Certified to leak 2% or less of nominal air conditioning CFM delivered when pressurized to 1-in. water column with all present air inlets, air outlets, and condensate drain port(s) sealed.


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