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Home Fireplace

Are your kids upset because they’re afraid Santa won’t leave any gifts if their stocking isn’t on a home fireplace mantle? While that might not be the sole reason why you need a home fireplace installed this month, it is certainly a good one. After all, there is nothing wrong with giving yourself a special holiday gift either!

A gas home fireplace is wonderful to have and there are so many choices that you can easily match your home’s décor and create a relaxing feel and added warmth in any room of your house. With direct vent and free-standing options, it is easy to create the ambiance you desire. There are also several sizes to choose from so you can match your budget, too.

If you haven’t looked at the gas home fireplace products on the market today, you really should. There are so many customization options and even end-to-end flame technology for ultimate enjoyment. Many even come with full feature remote controls so you can put the home fireplace practically anywhere.

If you want both a great selection as well as friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you understand the features available, call us at FurnaceDepot.ca in Barrie, Ontario. We have more than 20 years of experience with heating and cooling equipment for both homes and businesses. We are confident we can make your holiday extra special for your family with a new home fireplace that even Santa will love. Contact us today to learn more!

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With the start of the cool season, it is important to make sure your furnace is working and ready to get you through the winter. It may even be time for you to have a new furnace installed. If you’re considering a furnace installation, there are some important details to consider. The two questions that are most crucial for you to ask are:

Step-by-Step Guide of the Furnace Installation Process

Which unit is the best investment for my home?
Which professionals will provide the best furnace installation and customer service?
As you’re going through the process of a furnace installation, here is a step-by-step guide for what to expect.
furnace installation
We’ll start by helping you select the right size of furnace for your home. This is done through a series of calculations based on factors such as the size of your home, how well your home is insulated, the amount of heat produced by sun exposure through windows, etc. At FurnaceDepot.ca, we provide two types of installations. One is a retrofit installation, and the other is a new install. For a retrofit install, we remove the existing furnace and replace it with one of the new models that we offer. New installs consist of having one of our service and installation professionals supply and install the selected furnace. We will also provide services for proper venting. Most installs typically take between 4-6 hours to complete.

You want to make the right choice, and we’re here to help walk you through the process. We look forward to working with you and providing you with excellent equipment and customer service.

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