Furnace and AC Service, Sudbury, ON

Imagine furnace and AC service for your Sudbury home that is simple and uncomplicated.

Furnace and AC Service in Sudbury, Ontario
When you need furnace and AC service in the Sudbury, Ontario area, you’ll be happy you found FurnaceDepot.ca. We make the process simple with straightforward pricing and TSSA certified technicians who can maintain or repair any make or model. We offer 24/7 emergency services, so you won’t need to suffer through the heat or cold waiting on help.

In addition to emergency furnace and AC service, we also offer maintenance plans for both furnaces and air conditioning systems. These plans are ideal if you want peace of mind that your systems are functioning properly and efficiently.

Furnace Maintenance Plan – Our furnace plan provides for a 50-point system inspection. We inspect all electrical connections, belts (if equipped), pipe fittings, gas supply lines, primary and secondary heat exchangers, and all safety controls. We clean the interior cabinet, components, blower assembly, fans, and pulleys. We clean or replace the air filter. This plan also allows for a 15% discount on future service calls and accessories. Cost: $9.99/month plus HST.

Air Conditioner Maintenance Plan – Our AC plan includes a 30-point inspection. The air filter is cleaned or replaced. The condensate drain is blown out, and we clean the condenser, coil and fins. We check refrigerant levels and fan operation. We inspect the wiring and safety controls. This plan also provides a 15% discount on future calls and accessories. Cost: $9.99/month plus HST.
Our 24 years of experience are just what you need for reliable and efficient furnace and AC service. We keep things simple, so there isn’t any confusion about your furnace and AC service.


Furnace and AC Installation

Furnace and AC Installation in Sudbury, Ontario

You can feel confident that your furnace installation in Sudbury will be done correctly and efficiently by our team, since all of our technicians are fully licensed and qualified.

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Furnace And AC Repair

Furnace and AC Repair in Sudbury, OntarioIf you try to adjust the thermostat at your Sudbury property but the air coming out doesn’t feel like it’s the right temperature, you may be in need of furnace and AC repair. Here in the Sudbury, Ontario area, the weather tends to fluctuate quite a bit between the seasons.

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